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Which newsreader do you use with nntp//rss?
Outlook Express 21.3%
Other 20.1%
Mozilla 17.6%
Free Agent 15.2%
Opera 6.4%
Gnus 5.4%
Xnews 4.0%
slrn 2.7%
Pine 2.1%
Netscape 1.3%
Gravity 1.1%
Tin 1.0%
Entourage 0.8%
MT-NewsWatcher 0.5%
nn 0.4%

Total votes: 1634


Bridging the worlds of NNTP clients and RSS feeds, nntp//rss is an application that will enable you to use your existing favorite NNTP newsreader to read your information channels.


nntp//rss is a Java-based bridge between RSS feeds and NNTP clients, enabling you to read your favorite RSS syndicated content within your existing NNTP newsreader. RSS feeds are represented as NNTP newsgroups, providing a simple, straightforward and familiar environment for news reading.

nntp//rss contains both an NNTP server and an RSS aggregator, with a web interface for administration and monitoring. Installation is as simple as unpacking the distribution and running the application. It has been tested against popular NNTP newsreaders, including Mozilla, Outlook Express, MT-NewsWatcher, Free Agent, and text-based readers such as Gnus, tin and nn.

Check out nntp//rss now:

Start up your newsreader and point it to our demo server:
(You can click on the link below to start your machine's default newsreader)


This is an actual nntp//rss deployment, pre-configured with some popular feeds.
Note that this demo service is running on a trial basis, and is subject to interruption at any time.

If you like what you see, you can download a copy.

Project Status:

October 25, 2004: nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1
Over five thousand downloads and many months later, I've finally got around to releasing the first public beta of nntp//rss v0.5. It now features Apache Derby as the new embedded database, support for MySQL, along with a number of bug fixes and new features including Categories, Atom support, and OPML import / export.

July 13, 2003: nntp//rss and INN
Jeff Vinocur has created a great document (and accompanying script) that describes how you can pull items from nntp//rss into an INN server. If you have an existing INN server within your group or organization, this is a great way to rapidly expose RSS feeds to your users. Thanks Jeff!

June 27, 2003: Quick update... (1663 downloads and counting) The hosting change over has gone (relatively) smoothly, and we now have message forums up and running. The more observant may have noticed the link appearing a few weeks back over on the left column of the website. There are various forums to discuss the current release, feature requests and useful hints and tips.

Now, onto a more important topic: version 0.4. I realize a bunch of you are crying out for this release. Be sure that I am still working to getting this finished! Work commitments have slowed down development, but I'm still working towards the next release. The Jakarta Commons HTTPClient project recently went into a more stable beta form, and those updates have been rolled into 0.4. xhtml:body support has also been included, as well as support for item-level authors (very useful for feeds that contain items aggregated from multiple publishers).

There have now been over 1600 downloads of nntp//rss, which is great! I'm closely following the emerging standards (e.g. Echo), and will look to fold support for these into nntp//rss at the appropriate time.

Keep a close watch on this site, as well as the forums and my blog for further updates.

[Project Status Archive...]

Current Version: 0.3 (Stable) / 0.5 (Development)


nntp//rss v0.3 | nntp//rss v0.3 nntprss.jar patched for metaweblog fix
nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1


Java™ - Get It Now! nntp//rss uses Java™


Installation README v0.3 | v0.5
Windows Service HOWTO - Updated for JavaService


Bookmarklet for RSS auto-discovery - Ben Meadowcroft (http://www.benmeadowcroft.com)
How to get articles from nntp//rss to INN - Jeff Vinocur

Project Team:

Jason Brome (jason at methodize.org)

Useful Resources:

Visit the nntp//rss project home at SourceForge.

Browse the CVS repository.

Mailing List:

Join the nntp//rss mailing list at Yahoo Groups.

Contact Information:

Contact the project: nntprss@methodize.org


nntp//rss uses components from the following great projects:

Jetty - Java HTTP Server & Servlet Container

Apache Derby - A full functioned relational embedded database engine

HSQLDB - Lightweight 100% Java SQL Database Engine

Jakarta Commons - Repository of reusable Java components

Jakarta Log4j - A reliable, fast and extensible logging library for Java

Crimson - Java XML parser

SysTray for Java - Enables Java applications to access the system tray

Apache XML-RPC - a Java implementation of XML-RPC

RSS and Blogging Books

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