Name: How to get articles from nntp//rss to INN
Author: Jeff Vinocur

  1. Install nntp//rss as per the instructions (need not be on the same machine as your news server). Enable the "Secure NNTP" option ("Authenticated NNTP Access", as of nntp//rss 0.4) if you prefer.

  2. Copy the rss-add script to wherever you want to run pullnews (it comes installed with INN, but you can run it on any machine that can open outbound connections to the nntp//rss machine and the INN machine).

  3. Make sure the machine you want to run pullnews on is listed in INN's $pathetc/incoming.conf (if you're running pullnews on the INN machine, "localhost" is probably already listed for you).

  4. Create groups on nntp//rss *first* (you can add more later).

  5. Use rss-add to indicate which groups you want to pull into INN (again, you can add more later).

  6. Try running `$pathbin/pullnews -c configfile` where the configfile is whatever rss-add is generating (run with no arguments and look at the last paragraph of usage information).

  7. Add an entry to the news user's crontab to run pullnews as desired (a sample entry is in the rss-add usage information).

  8. Any time you want to add more groups, just add them to nntp//rss first and then run rss-add (after which you may wish to run pullnews once manually to make sure it works ok).

  Last modified: July 13, 2003