Name: Bookmarklet for nntp//rss subscription
Author: Ben Meadowcroft (http://www.benmeadowcroft.com/)

Ben Meadowcroft has created a Bookmarklet for RSS feed autodiscovery. Just drag and drop the link below to your favorites/personal/links toolbar and click on it to subscribe to the site's RSS feed. This bookmarklet looks for a link element in the web page's HTML containing the definition of an RSS feed.

Two versions are supplied here - one which will automatically add the feed to nntp//rss, deriving the newsgroup name from the feed's domain name. The second will automatically populate the 'Add Channel' form, allowing you to modify the newsgroup name before completing the process. Note that both assume that the nntp//rss instance is running on your local machine ( - if this is different, you will need to modify the bookmarklet before adding it to your browser.

Bookmarklet with automatic newsgroup name generation

Bookmarklet with manual newsgroup name specification and confirmation
(use this one if you want more control over your newsgroup names)

  Last modified: February 17, 2003