Bug in displaying the Hover-Div

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Bug in displaying the Hover-Div

Postby GrauMeister on Sat Jan 31, 2004 9:00 pm

hi. i tried the quicksub on my weblog (http://schreibblogade.de - the rss2.0 button on the lower left side). i work with divs and relative positioning and got a problem with displaying the quicksub-div. its smaller than it should be (i think) an in a very strange position. where do you think is the problem?

Postby jason on Mon Feb 09, 2004 4:03 am

I grabbed a copy of your home page, and managed to get quickSub looking ok by doing the following:

1. Moved the quickSub <div> to the top of the document, just under the body declaration. The quickSub div is an absolute positioned div that is positioned at display time relative to the component that initiated the popup.

Code: Select all
<div id="quickSub" style="position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:1000;" onMouseOut="return timeqs();" onMouseMove="return delayqs();"></div>

<!-- rest of your html doc -->

2. There seems to be something else that is causing the width of the quickSub div to take up the whole screen. I constrained the width by placing an explicit statement within the quickSub CSS - within your style.css document:

Code: Select all
#quickSub {
  position: absolute;
  font: normal 7pt verdana;
  width: 150px;             <----------- Added this statement
  border: 1px solid #000066;
  visibility: hidden;
  z-index: 1000;

Give this a try... if you're still having problems, just post another message here and I'll try to get you up and running.
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Postby GrauMeister on Mon Feb 09, 2004 10:21 am

Hi Jason,

thanks! thant worked!


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