Adjusting the memory usage of nntp//rss

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Adjusting the memory usage of nntp//rss

Postby jason on Fri Jun 27, 2003 4:43 pm

nntp//rss uses the HSQLDB ( database as its persistent store of configuration and feed data. When nntp//rss is running, HSQLDB balances data between an in-memory cache and data files.

By default, the size of the cache is set to be quite generous (up to 48000 rows of data in memory). This may lead to nntp//rss using more memory than you may desire. Fortunately, the amount of data cached in memory can be controled through a parameter in the HSQLDB configuration properties.


1. Shutdown nntp//rss, if you currently have it running.

2. Make a backup of the file found in the root directory of your nntp//rss installation. (This file is created after you have run nntp//rss for the first time)

3. Edit the file, and look for the following line:


This value indicates the size of the cache used by HSQLDB - calculated as 2^value (14 by default). You can set the value anywhere between 8 and 16. I've set it as low as 8 without any functional problems.

Note - the lower that you set the number, the less data kept in memory. The trade-off here is between memory usage and overall performance. A lower number may mean that nntp//rss takes a little longer to service requests from your newsreader.

4. Save the updated files, then restart nntp//rss. If you have reduced the number, you should notice that nntp//rss consumes less memory.
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