nntp//rss and Opera

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nntp//rss and Opera

Postby virtuelvis on Wed Jul 23, 2003 3:55 pm

Here is how I use nntp//rss with Opera:

I've set up the server for nntp//rss as you would with any other newsreader.

However, instead of reading the groups one by one, as one would with a traditional newsreader, I have set up the "Unread view" to only show newsgroup messages. This is achieved by opening the unread view, and deselecting items in the "View" dropdown menu until only "Show newsgroups" is selected. (This dropdown is right next to the quick find box, above the message list).

This method of reading allows me to treat all my subscribed feeds as a "Supergroup", where I won't have to manually move to the next group after reading the last message in that feed.

When I have read a message, I either delete the message, or if I find it particularily interesting, I just mark it as read, using the key K.
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