nntp//rss and Outlook Express

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nntp//rss and Outlook Express

Postby jason on Sun Jul 20, 2003 9:53 pm

Here's how I use Outlook Express with nntp//rss. This assumes that you've already configured feeds within nntp//rss, and have subscribed to them within Outlook Express.

1. Click on the name of the nntp//rss news server (e.g. This will display a list of all the nntp//rss newsgroups to which you've subscribed.

2. Click on the Synchronize Account button. Outlook Express will contact nntp//rss and update the group list, showing those with unread messages.

3. Read the newsgroups as usual. If you have only read a subset of messages, and want to mark all the messages in the newsgroup as read, right click on the newsgroup name and select Catch Up.

If you have any hints for Outlook Express, please add a reply to this thread. If you have hints for using other newsreaders with nntp//rss, please start another thread entitled 'nntp//rss and xxxx'.[/b]
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keyboard nav

Postby michael on Tue Jul 22, 2003 4:54 am

I love the fact that I can speed through my RSS reading in OE using just the keyboard... Doing a CTRL+Shift+M synchronizes the account (I have it set to download all new messages), and then starting at the first group with new messages I just space through 'em, and then CTRL-J to jump to the next group with unread messages.

(Can't wait for 0.4!)
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