Using nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1 (with Derby DB) with Mac OS X

Using nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1 (with Derby DB) with Mac OS X

Postby jason on Sun Dec 05, 2004 10:13 pm

nntp//rss, as of v0.5-beta-1, ships with Apache Derby (formerly IBM Cloudscape) as its embedded database. A bug was reported earlier this week where nntp//rss would fail to start on Mac OS X.

To use nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1 on Mac OS X requires an additional parameter to be specified on the command line:

java -jar nntprss-start.jar

The problem is due to a OS X JVM issue related to the use of the 'rws' mode when creating a RandomAccessFile instance. This flag affects the behavior of Derby to bypass this issue. Please refer to the pages at for more information.

Future versions of nntp//rss will automatically set this property.

Thanks to John Tangney ( for originally reporting this issue, and for bearing with me while I tracked down the solution!
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