Using RFC3229 with Feeds

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Using RFC3229 with Feeds

Postby kim on Mon Aug 15, 2005 6:50 am

If you could implement RFC3229 (Delta Encoding), you could save a lot of bandwidth. It doesn't really matter for the user, but it matters for the servers.

There's an interesting article about this: ... 229_w.html
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Postby jason on Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:47 am

Thanks for the suggestion! I had looked at this spec when it first came out - at that time there was limited support within the publishing tools for this protocol. It looks like there is growing support - what would you guess the % of feeds you subscribe to support RFC3229?


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Postby kim on Sat Oct 01, 2005 11:08 pm

Probably not a lot :-)

But there are several clients that have started implementing this feature.
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