imap//rss or (why not) smtp//rss ?

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imap//rss or (why not) smtp//rss ?

Postby BoD on Wed Nov 26, 2003 9:47 am

Well you guessed what I'm going to ask by reading the subject.
Reading rss feeds with a newsreader is great, but it would be also great to read them with a mailreader. The reason is that when you read a newsgroup from several locations (let's say: at work and at home) there is no easy way to know what articles you've already read.
But with imap, it works: the "read" flag is managed at the server side.
I'm not sure it's the same with all servers but I use postfix+courier (with "maildir" mail storage), and posting a mail is trivial: just put the file in the "new" directory of the maildir. I've tried to put a newsgroup article in there, it worked fine with outlook express and thunderbird (I mean: the fact that the file is not actually an email message but a newsgroup article doesn't confuse the mailreader.. but it may be useful to change a bit the headers before doing this).

Another way would be to send the email to a specified address (via smtp), so you don't have to know the specifics about imap servers/mailbox formats.

Well tell me what you think :)
Thanks !

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Postby jason on Fri Jan 02, 2004 2:50 am

IMAP support is on the long-term TODO list at the moment. One of the targets for a 'Version 2' nntp//rss will be to address deployments that explicitly support multiple users - tackling the issue of feed reading within a group environment. The current version of nntp//rss provides group access to feeds in the same way as a traditional NNTP server. A future release may offer more granular support for multiple-user feed reading over other protocols (such as IMAP).
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