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Scripting hooks

Postby jvinocur on Wed Aug 27, 2003 1:45 am

It would be really nifty to have some way to hook scripts or filters into nntp//rss. Here are a couple illustrations of what I have in mind (of course, these could be incorporated into the main body of code, but perhaps a scripting interface would be more versatile):

- some feeds post multiple similar articles (for various values of "similar") and it might be nice to use Perl to detect them and tell nntp//rss to ignore them

- some feeds post very minimal content (e.g. just a subject line and a link to a webpage) and it would be nifty to have a script go out and retrieve the content (e.g. with `lynx -dump`) and include it in the article

- or you could include the output of `dict` in a word-of-the-day feed

This is admittedly bound to be a lot harder to do in cross-platform Java than in Unix-specific C (that's what's used by INN, which is where I got the idea for Perl/Python embedded scripting). But consider it a dream...
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Postby jason on Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:15 am


I always wanted a reason to play with Rhino (, Mozilla's embeddable JavaScript engine. Maybe there's some potential here.

As for standard extensibility - I've always intended nntp//rss to be pluggable in some way. I've just spent some time refactoring the parsing logic to support the idea of pluggable parsers (currently RSS and PEAW/Atom, who knows what else in the future). I think there are other areas that would benefit from being pluggable as well.
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