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Using Xnews...

Postby nygdan on Fri Jul 16, 2004 2:34 am

I use xnews for my newreader. I have the nttp/rss program setup correctly I think. There does seem to be a lag between when i first add a new feed online and click the 'read' link and the actual displaying of that new feed, but its only sometimes and it seems to be mainly when i have another feed open.

I am also trying out Awasu as a reader. Now, obviously I don't expect nttp/rss (is there a proper name for it, or is that it? interesting name at least, certainly tells you exactly what it does) to display html and the like, but I have noticed that this awasu has, in its 'reading' window, the text properly formatted. On my window, then I have the 'post' selected and look at the reading menu, there is just one super long sentence there and then a link to the article in question. So, is it possible to set the formating here?

I have it set properly on my newsgroup reading window for actual usenet newsgroups, and there doesn't seem to be a problem there.

Also, is there some way for this program to work without having to having to start this java runtime environement each time, or rather, without the runtime environment at all?

Also, some agregators claim to be able to download new content from general non-xml/atom websites as if they did send out a feed. Is there anyway to do that with nttp//rss?
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